Online vs. In-Store Shopping

 What will bring you more sales--online or in-store shoppers?

Although online shopping has increased and will continue to increase over the years, in-store shopping comes out on top for driving in bigger sales. Bringing shoppers in the door will drive sales up more than having shoppers scrolling through the online catalog. What is the reason behind these numbers? Impulse and stress.

Thanks to impulse shopping and retail therapy, consumers end up spending more when they shop in store. Although it only takes a few clicks to fill an online cart up, it also is just that easy for them to remove items from their cart. However, consumers fill up an in-store cart just as easy but find it more difficult to place things back on the shelves once they have it. Stores have this advantage.


hands typing on a laptop

All in all consumers are more inclined to pick up their phone to browse online than they are to hop in a car and drive to the physical location. But then again, with these statistics in mind, you want to drive as many people into your physical doors as possible. This is why is it imperative that you reel in the consumer who are already in their cars driving past your signs.  


Typically, when consumers see your business yard sign they only have a few moments to decide if they’re going to take that next left at the traffic light into your location or not. You have a limited amount of time to convince onlookers that your destination should be their next stop. What can you do to make the most out of your sign?