FUN FACTS: Did you know?

Here are a few fun facts about some things related and loosely related to yard signs. Enjoy!

  • Campaigning dates as far back as the Ancient Romans. They were much more limited then, considering they were supplied only with simple tools to scribble on their walls. Much like today, they displayed few words and focused on the positive traits of the candidate running using very little text.

pompeii wall scribbles political campaign

  • Most corrugated paper boxes (also known as cardboard boxes) are used by the agriculture industry to ship produce from farm to grocery stores.
  • Fruits and vegetables are packaged in corrugated boxes because it is proven to kill bacteria. The wavy center traps bacteria where it doesn’t have access to the nutrients necessary to grow. Research shows that fruit stays fresh for 2 to 3 days longer when stored in cardboard trays.
  • The word plastic comes from the Greek word “plasticos” which means to be shaped or molded by heat.
  • Corrugated plastics are made of a recycled material called polypropylene.
  • More than 95% of all US products are shipped in corrugated boxes.
  • Corrugated plastic tubing was first produced and installed commercially in Ohio and California in 1967. Corrugation extruding machines were invented in Germany in 1961.
  • Yard signs are also known as: lawn signs, bandit signs, placards, and road signs, etc